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The Institute of Electrical Inspectors (IEI) is a not-for-profit professional association committed to the electrical industry by providing expert, unbiased leadership in electrical standards development and provides education and clarity around the standards to all electrical professionals.

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Industry Safety

As a person engaged in the Electrical Industry, you would be aware that the safety of persons using electricity is paramount.  Active members in the association include electrical inspectors and electrical contractors, testing agencies, standards organizations, manufacturers, and distributors. 


The IEI Undertakes the following

Knowing that mishandled electricity can be extremely dangerous, perhaps even fatal, the Institute of Electrical Inspectors (IEI) and its members are committed to improving design, installation, inspection and use of electricity to ensure that safety is maintained and improved. 


Are you aware?

That you may be eligible to be a member of an Australian Organisation whose primary aim is to co-operate in the making of joint AS/NZS Standards, Guidelines and Codes of Practice for the safe installation and use of electrical materials and equipment and to promote uniform understanding and application of Australian Electrical Standards?

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