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Welcome to the IEI


Becoming a member is easy, making a commitment to Electrical Safety is essential.

Member benefits include:

  1. Free Technical advice.
  2. Networking with other professionals in the Electrical Industry
  3. Technical Information nights for members and guests at various locations. (Vic & QLD only at present).
  4. Email Newsletter service to all members of new Safety, Technical, Regulators and Australian Standards changes and updates.
  5. Access to the website members area, a technical resource library constantly updated as new information becomes available.
  6. Opportunity to provide input to Australian Standards required by the Electrical Industry.

Membership Levels

Note there is currently no GST applicable on IEI membership

What membership is right for me?

Corporate membership

Corporate Membership is designed primarily for individuals that carry out Electrical Inspections as the main task of their work. These people form the majority of the Institute membership and have full voting rights at official meetings.

The following shall be eligible for membership as Corporate Members;

  1. Persons who have been authorised by legislation or by a supply authority or inspecting organisation to inspect electrical installations and or equipment for compliance with the minimum standards required by legislation.
  2. Persons who supervise or control the technical duties of those persons defined in clause 1 above.
  3. Persons who hold an Electrical Engineering Degree, Diploma, Associate Diploma, Advanced Certificate or Certificate as recognised by the Council, or equivalent qualifications.

Associate membership

 Associate membership was designed for people that have a keen interest in electrical safety, and although they might not be a qualified Electrical Inspector, like to be involved and keep in touch with the activities of the Institute.

The following shall be eligible for membership as Associate Members;

  1. Persons who hold an electrical workers licence (Electrician) which allows them to legally carry out electrical installing work in a State or Territory of Australia or other Country acceptable to the Council without supervision.
  2. Persons who are not eligible to be Corporate members and who have an active interest or participate in the electrical industry.
  3. Electricians, Registered Electrical Contractors, Electrical Supervisors or Electrical Trade Teachers who have an interest in keeping up to date with the latest developments in the Electrical Industry.

Senior membership

 The following shall be eligible for membership as Senior Members:

(a) Seniors Card Holder (Government issued); or

(b) Are over 65 years of age


(c) May only nominate for a Directors position if a corporate membership had been held prior to applying for "Senior Member" membership status;and

(d) Membership fee is set at 50% of the annual membership fee and nomination fee remains the same

New members



New applications for Membership must include:

  • A completed application form
  • Copies of your Qualifications (Electrical Licences or Degree/Diploma or Electrical Inspection Authorisations if applicable)

Membership Fees Structure:

Do not send payment with membership application, you will receive an invoice for membership fees from the IEI Administration once your application is successfully processed

New applications - $195 (may be reduced dependent upon date of application)

Membership renewal fee for 2016/2017: $145.00. (Determined by Board of Directors Annually)

Please Note:

Applications received without the required documentation will not be processed and will be returned to the applicant

Membership is:

  • Due annually on the anniversary of your membership 
  • An Invoice is sent to each members address via email
  • It is the responsibility of each member to ensure your details on our files are up to date.
  • Failure to ensure this may result in members not receiving information or renewals.

New applicants membership fee may be reduced dependent upon the date your application is received  in the current financial year. If a new applicant is unsure what fee is required please email the Secretary for further information.