The Institutes early days

The Sydney County Council Installation Inspectors formed a group in 1938. The object was to form a social contact for the Inspectors after hours. They met in the Queen Victoria building, Sydney, the then head office for the Sydney County Council.

This operated until 1943, when through the efforts of the Honorary Secretary Mr. G.F Gilzean the Institute of Electrical Inspectors was incorporated and Inspectors from other City and County Councils were invited to join. The first Annual General meeting was held in 1944.

Fees at the inception of the Institute were:Corporate membership - 1Guinea, Associate membership - 15 Shillings and Social membership - 10 Shillings. In July 1948 the NSW division was constituted and the Federal Executive Council of the Institute was formed.

Queensland formed a division in 1948, after a visit from the then Executive Council Secretary Mr. Bert Halse who assisted in the formation of the Queensland division at this time. South Australia also after a visit from Bert Halse formed a division in 1950. Western Australia and Tasmania both joined in 1952 and Victoria formed their division in 1972.

In the early days there was a Monthly News Bulletin published. This Bulletin later became "The IEI Journal". Early copies still in existence date back as far as 1948.

The Institute has been involved with Australian Standards since its inception, including two members on the Wiring Rules Committee.

One of the highlights of the Institute was when the editor of the Internatonal Association of Electrical Inspectors (IAEI), Mr. W. Summers visited Australia from America. While on his visit to Australia he attended meetings of the NSW and Victorian Divisions.

The Annual General meetings are held in rotation around Australia. The President is also based on a rotational system so each state is fully involved in the Institute.

In 1993, the Institute celebrated 50 years and as a tribute to the members produced a Golden Jubilee edition of "The Journal" wherein much of the history of the Institute was reproduced to recognise the efforts of the members who contributed to the anniversary.

Present Day 

In 2009, the Institute streamlined its administration and is now run as a National Body.  The website was redesigned in August 2009 by UBC Web Design so as to enable quick and easier access to update information for members and a library of information in the Members Area.

Members across Australia keep up to date via information nights, the fortnightly "Electrical Inspections Newsletter" and by visiting the website to keep abreast of current matters.

The Webmaster also emails all members of any Alerts or relevant information as soon as that information is received.

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